March 17, 2013


Boise State, Middle Tennessee, Saint Mary's, La Salle... SUPER FUCKING LAME.

But, we only have ourselves to blame for not receiving a bid.  We scheduled a crappy OOC slate, and then lost to the worst teams on our schedule.  We couldn't win away from home, and we faded down the stretch.  We had some great wins this season, but they weren't enough to cover up the blemishes.

The NIT Selection Show (yes, it exists) is on ESPNU at 9:00.  Again, I encourage all Virginia fans to embrace it.  It's our one and only chance to prove that we belonged in the Big Dance over the shitbag Broncos, Blue Raiders, Gaels, and Explorers.

Embrace it.

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  1. My biggest issue with this whole thing, is the fact that it comes down to losses against shit teams vs. wins against good teams. Exactly how many terrible teams would Virginia have lost to in the NCAA tournament? I think the answer is 0, because those don't really exist. When you put teams in that haven't beaten anybody it shows that you'd prefer to roll the dice on a Cinderella story rather than put in a team you know can beat good teams. It's hot garbage. I hope they lose by 1000 points.