October 23, 2011


Whelp, we knew the quarterbacks would cost us a game (or two, or three...) this season, and yesterday was exhibit 1-A.  Just terrible play from both Rocco and Watford, to the point where I truly wondered what Ross Metheny or Michael Strauss could have given in relief.  How does a combined 11-for-35 for 125 yards and three interceptions taste?  Sour and bitter.  It tastes like failure.  It tastes like a loss.

The defense played a decent game, certainly good enough to win.  The special teams were okay, even pitching in a rare blocked kick.  This loss is squarely on the offense.  Lazor didn't call a good game, and the quarterbacks executed that bunk gameplan horrendously.

At this point, it's time to shit or get off the pot, and choose a freaking quarterback.  Based on everything we've seen, that guy needs to be Mike Rocco (now nicknamed "Checkdown Charlie" by some message board warriors), and not Jameel Sewell, Part II... er... David Watford.  Can Greyson Lambert put his application in for October admissions?

So most of the blame goes to the QBs, a big chunk to the OC, but the offensive line is not without their share of blame, either.  The backs were running hard, there just weren't any holes.  A week after blowing Georgia Tech off the line of scrimmage, our o-line got themselves manhandled by NC State.  Not great.

The big losers in all of this - as always - are the fans.  Specifically, those of us who allowed a little hope and optimism to creep back into our lives after the GT win.  Shame on us.  This is Virginia football, an entity whose entire creation was destined to punish and torture those who love it.  Virginia Football is Rosemary's Baby.  Another Saturday, another metaphorical curb-stomp.  My jaw is starting to hurt.

The good news is that I have found a new gameday tradition: in the closing seconds of a loss, I rip my ticket into shreds and throw it into the sky, to rain confetti down on another huge, embarrassing failure.  To celebrate another wasted Saturday by the biggest freaking chump in the world.

I honestly thought we were going to win the game yesterday.  Expectations are like assholes -- they stink, and nothing comes from them but shit.

Here we sit at 4-3, possibly on a beeline toward 4-8.  Up next is a nationally-televised ass-kicking at the hands of a now-clicking Miami team, hungry for a little revenge after last year's fluke in the Hook.  Can't wait for that.

Basketball season starts three weeks from today.  Go ahead and sign Watford to the team.  He throws a mean bounce pass.


  1. I posted a comment earlier on your Confessions post. Saturday against NC State Va. Beat Va in football again and did a very good job of it.
    WHAT on earth is this thing of deciding BEFORE the game who will QB a certain series. DO NOT coaches get paid to watch the game and decide things based on the flow of the game. What on earth? Come on.

  2. This deserved to get posted again: "Expectations are like assholes -- they stink, and nothing comes from them but shit."