February 19, 2013

Will UVA Get a Bye in the ACCT?

If any of the Wahooze faithful don't frequent the fantastic UVA sports blog that is Streaking The Lawn, make sure you check out this great recent post of theirs:

ACC Standings Update: Will UVA get an ACC Tournament bye?

In it, you'll find that UVA shapes up well vs UNC and NCSU in the tiebreakers used for seeding the tournament. Basically, if we beat who we should beat in the next few weeks, things look good for a top 4 finish. Tonight, of course, would go a long way to an even better result. GO HOOS


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Man, that would've been a nice game to have...

    Like and agree with the "Magic Number" on the sidebar. BUT WHY ISNT IT GETTING LOWERRRR

  2. Ugh last night could've been so great.

    I'm calling it now: we beat Duke but only win 3 more total including it. Leading to the most bubblicious of all the bubbles going into the ACCT.

  3. Let's just pimp slap GT this weekend and we'll all feel better.