February 3, 2013


I'll leave the NCAA Tournament résumé shit over on the right, but for all practical purposes, our bubble just burst.

Not sure why we can't beat crummy ACC teams on the road right now, but we can't.



  1. Winning on the road in the ACC is particularly tough (for non-Miami teams) this year. Losing yesterday after controlling the game throughout was painful though. The offense just completely disappeared down the stretch. The guys appeared to press, especially Harris, Mitchell, and Nolte. Not sure we have a dagger-in-the-heart type of guy right now, and we could use a couple. Wish we could've seen more of Tobey down the stretch.

    Cool pic, though.

  2. Yeah, we definitely need a guard (or three) who can create his own shot when the offense starts to stall. Brog will be that guy next year. Perrantes and Hall might be, as well.

  3. You beat us. We are pretty crummy.