February 10, 2013

Virginia 80, Maryland 69

Great win.  Important win.  A few thoughts...

  • Justin Anderson played like a MAN.  He must have been fired up to play Maryland, and those hostile fans probably fueled his fire.  (Power rankings spoiler: I now think JA is our third-best player.)
  • Out-rebounding that Maryland team with all of their talented bigs is a huge accomplishment.  We had Akil Mitchell nursing foul trouble and a still-hobbled Darion Atkins nursing a shin splint, and that was all we had on the inside.  Swarming is working, Coach!
  • How about Jespy's four 3s drained in the second half?  Huge.  If he can knock down those perimeter shots, he instantly becomes a huge asset to the team.
  • Anyone else think Joe Harris could make the All-ACC First Team?  Mason Plumlee is a lock, but after him?  C.J. Leslie, Richard Howell, Seth Curry, and Durand Scott are all strong candidates.  But I think Joe is right there with those guys in the second tier.  What about the nation's leading scorer, Virginia Tech's Erick Green?  The Hokies are the worst team in the ACC.  Second Team for Green.  Probably second team for Joe, also... but that's pacism.
  • I still want his scholarship earmaked for a 2014 big man recruit, but Taylor Barnette is coming back from the dead.  He's shooting 71% from downtown in these last three games.  If he can keep it up above 40% in 3-5 minutes off the bench, I'll absolutely advocate a role for him off the bench.
  • Our starting point guard doesn't help us beat the press, and he's disastrous from the free throw line.  If we had a real point guard, we'd be a top-10 team.  (See also: next season.)
  • Why are we committing so many fouls lately?  The last four games or so, we've been fouling like crazy.  Also, the defense hasn't been super-stellar.  Need to shore these areas up before they bite us on the ass.
  • I'm ready to declare a "magic number" of wins we need down the stretch in order to make the Big Dance: FIVE.  Our schedule:
    • 2/12 - Virginia Tech
    • 2/16 - @ North Carolina
    • 2/19 - @ Miami
    • 2/24 - Georgia Tech
    • 2/28 - Duke
    • 3/3 - @ Boston College
    • 3/7 - @ Florida State
    • 3/10 - Maryland
Seems doable, right?  Calling the shot, we win exactly five: VT, GT, Duke, @ BC, Maryland.  That's right, Duke.  Pass the freaking kool-aid!

1 comment:

  1. My brief thoughts:

    -Now we can start talking about the NCAAT again! (cue up a loss Tuesday then)
    -Jesperson made some shots! Still plays to passive with the ball
    -Free Throws! Some went in!
    -Justin Anderson was hyped, I like hyped JA. He's always hyped, though.
    -Smart coaching by Tony, how we got out of there basically abusing their big men all game with only Akil, gimpy (but alright solid play) Atkins, and two wings sharing time at the 4 is beyond me
    -Maryland sucks. Last game ever in that crap hole is a big W.
    -Man I hate Maryland.