February 25, 2013

2013 Schedule Scoop!

Sorry to bump Mike's post down the list so quickly, but I got this about two hours ahead of the curve, and needed to share.  Here is our 2013 football schedule:

8/31 - BYU
9/7 - Oregon
9/14 - BYE
9/21 - VMI
9/28 - @ Pittsburgh
10/5 - Ball State
10/12 - @ Maryland
10/19 - Duke
10/26 - Georgia Tech
11/2 - Clemson
11/9 - @ UNC
11/16 - BYE
11/23 - @ Miami
11/30 - Virginia Tech

Instant analysis: 
  • It's imperative we start 1-1 and not 0-2, though the bye on 9/14 allows us time to regroup after what is sure to be a shellacking at the hands of Oregon.
  • I wish VMI weren't the first game after the bye week, however.  That's a wasted opportunity.
  • I like the trip to Pitt so early in the season -- I wonder if we'll be their first ACC game?  That'd be kind of cool.  Though maybe not, as they'll likely be pretty fired up for that.
  • Gotta go at least 3-1 in October to have any hope for a decent season.  All four are winnable games.
  • Love Clemson in early November.  That's classic Clemson lull time, right there.  It's a longshot, but maybe we can catch the Tigers napping in that one.
  • We're looking at the good possibility of an 0-4 end to the season.  That doesn't bode well for Coach London, as a 5-7 finish after a 5-3 start is the kind of thing that gets coaches fired.
  • I'm calling it now: 6-6.  The wins: BYU, VMI, Ball State, @ UMD, Duke, GT, VT.  Whelp, I just listed seven wins.  I guess I'm calling it 7-5.  UN-A-BASHED-HO-MER-clap-clap-clapclapclap
  • With eight freaking home games, we better scrape together a winning season.  Shit.


  1. 8/31 - BYU L
    9/7 - Oregon L
    9/14 - BYE
    9/21 - VMI W
    9/28 - @ Pittsburgh L
    10/5 - Ball State W
    10/12 - @ Maryland W
    10/19 - Duke W
    10/26 - Georgia Tech L
    11/2 - Clemson L
    11/9 - @ UNC L
    11/16 - BYE
    11/23 - @ Miami L
    11/30 - Virginia Tech L

    Could see trading Ball St to a L for an upset over Tech, but Tech's got two weeks to prepare. Upset could come elsewhere. 5 win ceiling for me regardless.

  2. If we only win five games in 2013, heads need to roll.

  3. GT could very well be in the midst of a full on PJ meltdown by the time we play them. While I agree with your projection Pierce I think 6-6 is doable.

  4. Easily could surprise GT,UNC, hell even Clemson or Miami. But we could lose to Duke again just as easily. Or Maryland.

    I'm going to be the pessimistic one this offseason, it'll bring good balance.