February 4, 2013

Meet the Recruit: Tim Harris

Tim Harris is a big time shut down corner. At 6-2 173, Harris represents a long corner that is very strong at the point of attack. When paired with Reese Canady, Virginia has the potential to have two very physical shutdown corners. Harris initially projected as a safety, but given the bump and run, one-on-one style that John Tenuta likes his corners to employ, he will absolutely be a corner. In fact, Tim could very well prove to be the prototypical corner in this new defense. He will need to put on a few pounds to play more physical, but should grow into that frame and develop nicely. If you want a preview of what the Virginia CBs could look like in the near future, pop in the tape from a Seahawks game. Harris comes in at an obviously huge position of need and will most likely see some playing time right away. He will definitely crack the two deep, and could push DreQuan Hoskey for the nickel spot.

UVA Projection: Part of the secondary rotation as a true freshman. Should pair with Canady to make a dynamic combo in the next few seasons. In my opinion, he may be the best player in this class.

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