February 8, 2013

Meet the Recruit: Jack English

"He has a motor that won't quit."  Of all the annoying, played-out football scouting clichés, this one is probably the most annoying and played out.  But... like it or not, this cliché is what you'll hear whenever anyone wants to describe the best part about Jack English's game.  You know what that means, so I won't elaborate for you.  English is a try-hard guy.  We get it.  247 rated him a high 2-star and Rivals a low 3-star, so there's a bit of a consensus -- maybe Jack English is a nice football player, but his athletic ability is relatively limited and his ceiling is probably pretty low.  He has a good arsenal of pass rush moves, and the size (6-6, 250) to play inside if need be.  He also has some upside at tight end, as an in-line blocker.  But his position at UVA will likely be defensive end.  It's not difficult to see a little Brennan Schmidt in Jack English.  One thing I want to say is this: Gotta have kids like this to round out every recruiting class, and you need them on your roster to keep driving and pushing the more talented players forward.  Also, when we go fishing for these 2-star type players to flesh out the recruiting effort, I want them to be from Virginia, like English.

UVA Projection:  I just mentioned Schmidt, and that's probably the dream career for Jack English.  But unlike Schmidt, English isn't stepping into a situation at UVA where he'll be required to play early.  A 2013 redshirt is definitely in order.  After that, I assume we'll see English on the two-deep, and playing solid football whenever he sees the field.  I could see him figuring into the succession plan to replace Jake Snyder at LDE in 2014, though Mike Moore will certainly get first crack at that honor.  The best thing Jack English will likely do at UVA is light a fire under the asses of guys like Courtnye Wynn and Diamonte Bailey.  Match English's work ethic and effort level, or lose your opportunity for playing time.  I rather like that impact English could make.


  1. Definitely needs to redshirt. Then I think you may be surprised at what you see . . .

  2. Exciting! I'm definitely hoping for the best, as I'd love to a see a kid like this go on to succeed in orange and blue.