December 31, 2011

Not Special Enough

A few beers deep this fine New Year's Eve.  Gonna drop some F bombs.  Earmuffs for those with tender sensibilities.

Rocco played a great game, and D was okay (given the absence of Greer and Minnifield). It was the "special" teams that fucked us tonight.  You'll read a million newspaper articles about it - unless you're an illiterate Auburn fan - but I'll cut to the point...  Three things:

1) Time to relieve Anthony Poindexter of his special teams coaching responsibilities.  Seriously... we need some competency.  Sorry Dex.

2) I'm glad all three of our [shitty] kickers are exhausting their eligibility.  Won't miss a single one of these worthless scholarship-munchers.  (Thanks Al Groh.)  Robert Randolph is fired for his kicking approach alone.  Jimmy Howell?  You're a fucking embarrassment to your last name.  From now on, your name is Jimmy Smith.

3) Special Teams needs to be a major fucking focus during the offseason.  Get it fixed.  Damn.

Auburn was the better team tonight, but without the numerous special teams gaffes, I think it's a nailbiter coming down the stretch.  Good season, blah blah blah, rings a little empty losing our last two like choking dogs on national television.

Get to another bowl in 2012, and play against a non-SEC team, please.  We're not ready for this shit.

Fuck it, time to watch the ball drop.


1 comment:

  1. I've got a lot to say but I'll hve to wait until I'm home and off the iPad
    1. Where can we move poindexter?
    2. How long can we keep lazor? Offense is solid and game plans have been very good since going with one qb
    3. I came to the game and sat 16 rows back in the UVA section and had countless people ask me to sit down even when the ball was on our side of the field? One askd if I had ever heard of being a Virginia gentlemen. I hate our fan base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't deserve a good program. No more excuses on why our fans suck! This was a great game on espn and I got applauded when my friend and I moved up closer with 9 minutes to go because our worthless expletive fans had already left.
    I'm feeling a letter to the VAF or alumni magazine calling all the worthless people out.