March 14, 2015

We're going to be a 2-seed.

Get used to the idea, Hoofans.

As long as we're not in Kentucky's region, it's all good.  (My prediction: the 2 in Wisconsin's region.  The Selection Committee are assholes like that.)

And on the bright side, the team should be toting a fairly big chip on its shoulder, too.  We earned a 1-seed through a season's worth of work, but we won't get it.

If you want us to still get a 1, then you need to be pulling for Purdue (vs. Wisky), and Xavier (vs. Villanova) today.  With a win and a Big East championship, I think Nova solidifies their standing on the 1-seed line.  Wisconsin is close... but they still have two games to play before they've won the B1G.  Assuming Wisky and Nova win out and take home their conference championships, I think they jump UVA to the 1-seed line.  Duke is above us no matter what, thanks to the four letters on the front of their jerseys.

The Committee is going to ding us for the fact that Justin Anderson looks like crap since he's returned.  But with another week to kick off the rust... I have faith we'll see him at about an 80% approximation of his old self when we lace 'em up for the 1st round.

A 2 is good.  A 2 is fine.  If we can re-capture the way we were playing earlier this season, we can ride a 2 to the Final Four.


Kendall predicts the 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s by region:

1 - Kentucky
2 - Kansas
3 - North Carolina
4 - Northern Iowa

1 - Wisconsin
2 - Virginia
3 - Iowa State
4 - Louisville

1 - Villanova
2 - Gonzaga
3 - Notre Dame
4 - Baylor

1 - Duke
2 - Arizona
3 - Maryland
4 - Oklahoma

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