March 12, 2015

ACCT: UVA vs. FSU, 12:00 noon

What's at Stake:
-- With a loss to the Semenholes today, we're a 2-seed.  YES, we would still deserve a 1, but we'll get a 2.  Just stating a fact, dawg.
-- With a win, I think we lock up a 1, even if we go on to lose to the UNC/L'Ville winner tomorrow.  (I want the Louisville rubber match, by the way.)
-- I bet we see Justin Anderson play in today's game.  Maybe just a brief cocktease of minutes... but enough to deliver the adrenaline shot I've been referencing.

Wahooze Prediction: Virginia 60, Florida State 49.  London Perrantes has a big game.  JA plays about 8 minutes, just enough to dip the wick and show the Selection Committee that we're on track to be at full strength by the time we begin play in the Big Dance on the 19th or 20th.

In Other Action: Duke's cakewalk to Saturday night's final begins with what is certain to be a near-epic beatdown of NC State, Miami tries to grab that slippery bubble against Notre Dame, and the UNC/Ville slugfest plays out in earnest... hopefully with a lot of 2-3 day injuries, rolled ankles and such.

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