March 16, 2015

I ain't skeert.

When I first saw the bracket, I said:

"Oh crap, Belmont can shoot."

And then I said:

"Michigan State?  Again???  WHATTT???!?!?"

But I think know we survive this weekend and get to the Sweet Sixteen.  Here's my logic.

1) Belmont is a low-rent Davidson, and we worked that particular Rubik's Cube on December 30th, mostly by feeding the post.  You'll recall, Anthony Gill went wild against the Wildcats, to the tune of 25 points and 13 rebounds.  Since that time, Darion Atkins' offense has rounded into form, and Isaiah Wilkins has emerged as a player worthy of time.  We have the bigs to punish Belmont down low.  They'll make some moonshots to keep it somewhat close, but we'll grind them down and knock them out.

2) Michigan State's Tom Izzo is a wizard who KNOWS how to win in March.  We all know this!  But consider... Izzo is 0-4 in the NCAA Tournament when he brings a team seeded any lower than 5.  (The one exception is 2003, when Sparty rode a 7-seed to the Elite Eight.)  So he's 3-5 when his team is lower than a 5-seed.  They're a 7-seed this season.  Hell, maybe we should be taking a closer look at Georgia!

3) Even if we do end up facing Michigan State, I think that's a game we'll win.  Our defense is better, our players more experienced, and we'll have the chip on our shoulder from the screw-job the Selection Committee gave us and the revenge we want for last year's tourney exit.

Sweet Sixteen, here we come.

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