March 17, 2015


I'm not worried about matching up with Belmont. Belmont should be worried about matching up with us.

None of their guards can come close to countering Brogdon's size and strength.

Who does [UVA transfer and current Belmont Bruin] Taylor Barnette cover?  He was a huge defensive liability when he was here, and I'm sure that hasn't changed much.  Licking my chops if he's on Perrantes, and even Nolte poses an athletic (not to mention size/strength) threat against him.  If Barnette's guarding London, he'll create a ton of offense for us.  If Barnette's guarding Nolte/Anderson, then we should expect a big offensive game from that spot in our lineup.

Bradds is a 6-6 slasher and their 2nd-leading scorer (14.3 ppg), but his game plays directly into the teeth of our defense.  Plus, he's not a good FT shooter (64%).

Their two bigs go 6-8, 215 and 6-8, 210.  Our guys go 6-11, 253 / 6-8, 234 / 6-8, 230 / 6-8, 205 (Wilkins).  We'll be able to knock them around like rag dolls. We will feast on their soft underbelly in the low post.

The only guy to really worry about on that roster is Craig Bradshaw, and Brog's got that cover.  You know, Malcolm Brogdon, best perimeter defender in the known universe?  Yeah.

Barnette and the stretch-4 (Nick Smith) might hit some threes, but that's to keep the deficit inside 20 points, not to beat the Hoos.

Shayok, Wilkins, and even Hall should be able to rotate in and find some favorable matchups.  We might have to go with one true big, but our guards and wing players should be able to make plenty of hay.

I was initially nervous about Belmont's perimeter game (they shoot 26.3 three-pointers per game, and make 10 of them, 38%), but not any more, not after looking things over.  I think we are going to eat this team alive.

Hoos 74, Bruins 49.

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