December 30, 2013


The 2-10 football season kind of fucked me up.

I really NEEDED to see the basketball team come storming out of the gate.  Being honest, I really NEEDED to see us stomp VCU on our home court.  Didn't happen, and that kind of fucked me up, too.  I fucking hate VCU.  So with that loss, apathy came calling.

Over the course of the last month or so, I've been able to crawl back to a position of caring, even despite the ugly loss to Wisconsin and the stupid loss to Green Fucking Bay.

Now, curb-stomped by Tennessee on national television.

And you know what?  This packline, grind-it-out methodical bullshit is not fun to watch.  Winning is fun to watch, even if it's ugly.  But losing while we're playing this style of basketball?

I mean, what the fuck is the point?  Why do I subject myself to this shit?

Another night, ruined.  Could've spent this time watching the next-to-last episode of Orange is the New Black.  Instead?  Fucking Virginia Basketball.  35-point loss to a barely-above-mediocre Tennessee team.  The game was never close, it was never competitive.  Bennettball let us down yet again.  Losing ugly, fucking awesome.  And by awesome, I mean awful.  And by awful, I mean...

Why the fuck do I care anymore?

Mike London is still our head football coach, and the biggest cause for celebration in basketball is when we force our opponent into shot clock violations.


My kingdom for something even remotely approaching competency in either of the major sports.

Bring on 2014.  2012 sucked ass.  2013, I had hope for you.  But fuck you, bitch.  You were even worse than 2012.

Bring on 2014, I guess.


  1. One silver lining - only 11 months now until Mike London is fired!

  2. I'm totally over BennettBall.