December 2, 2013

Let's Talk RPI.

I'm not yet ready to discuss football. Soon, maybe. But not yet. For now, fuck football.

Okay, RPI...

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After the Corpus Christi championship, we're up to #39.

Others of note:
#1 UMass (?!??!!)
#5 Syracuse
#6 Wisconsin (big game on Wednesday, boys)
#31 VCU (like it or not, we need to be pulling for them to win games)
#43 UNC
#44 Pitt
#63 Green Bay (presents a golden opportunity for a marquee road win this Saturday)
#67 Northern Iowa (another great opportunity)
#69 SMU (would be great if this ends up being a top-100 win for us)
#75 Missouri State (I wasn't impressed with them at all, but it'd be a blessing if they can stick around in the top 100)
#77 FSU
#97 Duke
#102 Clemson
#104 BC
#109 Tennessee
#111 NC State
#116 VT
#121 Wake
#135 Maryland
#163 Davidson (they aren't helping us at all)
#168 Miami
#198 Hampton
#221 GT
#209 Liberty (bad win for us)
#222 JMU (another bad win)
#224 Navy (another bad win)
#313 Norfolk State (lurks as an RPI-killer when we play them on 12/23)
#321 Notre Dame

In general, we need the ACC to stop shitting the bed in OOC play. Duke will be fine, 'Cuse will hover around the top ten, but I worry about the rest of the conference.

If some of these teams don't bubble up - and fast - we're not going to have many chances for "quality" wins. This week's ACC/BigTen Challenge is key. We need to beat Wisky, and we need the rest of the ACC to do work.

Tennessee isn't where we need them to be quite yet, but that's a top-75 team as per my own eyeball test. Green Bay and Northern Iowa both give us good RPI-helping opportunities.

None of this means a whole lot... yet... but I think it helps set the stage for where we are right now, and what we need to do to a) make the NCAAT, and b) earn a favorable seed.

Favorable Seed

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  1. Two points... Davidson is not helping me at all either... the bastards.
    Amazing how a team joins the ACC and their RPI drops to 321? I know the season is young and they have a ridiculous loss, but really 321? VT could be one of the all time worst ACC teams this year and they are currently 200 spots higher than Notre Dame. 321?