December 10, 2013

Bitter Disappointment

I still don't have the words.

Luckily for us, two of my favorite websites DO have the words.

Take a read...

from old virginia: coaching position paper

PS -- I think Brendan and I put up our countdown clocks at about the same time on Friday morning, totally free and independent of one another.  You know what they say about great minds.  I dated the one on Wahooze for the Monday following Thanksgiving (and the 2014 Virginia Tech game) -- the date I figure to be the most likely firing day.

Streaking the Lawn: Basketball Season Not Going According to Plan... Yet

Meanwhile, here's a mini-meltdown I had on the Wahoos247 message board this weekend, after another poster suggested that "the next twelve months are win-win -- either we go bowling next season and everyone is happy or we fire London and everyone is happy."

Yeah, that's what happens at the end of the twelve months. But what about the time in between? What about right now?

I'm thinking about the spring, we'll be hearing about spring practice, who looks good, who got hurt, etc. I'm thinking about training camp in the summer, hearing how the freshmen look, how the QB battle is panning out... but it ALL feels like shifting deck chairs on the Titanic to me. It will ALL ring hollow, because this coaching staff doesn't know what in the hell it's doing, and we don't have a quarterback who can raise the game of others and elevate our play on the field.

Instead, I think we'll be noticing how badly we're getting killed in the realm of ticket sales, how we're getting massacred on the recruiting trail because of our lame duck coach, and deep down we'll consider all of the myriad ways a lost season in 2014 will set the program back even further. All of the articles put out by the non-partisan media will be unflattering at best. It's going to ultimately make us out to be the joke of a program we are. We just followed up a dismal 4-8 season with a 2-10 season, and we retained the coaching staff. Our program is a joke. There is no other narrative to be found. IT'S A COLOSSAL FUCKING JOKE.

I'm sorry, I know this is a negative post. But I'm feeling really fucking negative right now. I mean, Duke is playing in the ACC championship game today. We just wasted two golden opportunities to beat God-awful Virginia Tech teams, and instead we get serenaded by chants of "ten more years" by their scumbag fucking inbred redneck fans in our home stadium. Jamie [Oakes, the guy who runs Wahoos247] is doing yeoman's work covering recruiting, when all I want is for us to be like Wake Forest and give him the chance to cover an exciting coaching search. Jealous of Duke and Wake Forest. Duke and Wake Forest FOOTBALL! Jesus H. Christ. Wake's going to hire Pete Lembo or Dave Clawson, either guy who would be perfect for UVA, and we get to watch our mind-numbingly incompetent head coach flop around on the sideline like a dying fish for another terrible season.

Then I look for a distraction provided by our-good-but-not-yet-proving-it-at-all basketball team, who cockspasms a chance at a marquee win by playing like they're shooting the ball at a freaking apple crate against Wisconsin.

I want to just say screw it and walk away, but I can't. I'm stuck. I love Virginia football and basketball too much to just drop this hobby and take up bird-watching or stamp-collecting. It's frustrating, I'm frustrated, I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm embarrassed, and I know I'm not alone.

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  1. Kendall! Look! A coaching candidate after your own heart. We should give him careful consideration!