December 6, 2013

Friday Lynx


I'm still trying to process in my mind what the hell happened this season to get us to 2-10, and also how in the hell we can look the rest of the college football world in the eyes and proceed with Mike London as our head coach with a straight face.  BECAUSE IT IS A COLOSSAL FUCKING JOKE.

Virginia Football is a rotting corpse.  I stopped promising posts, but the autopsy is coming.

In the meantime, here are some juicy links.

A good, well-written, objective look at our 2013 season, from Patrick Stevens at

Jim Grobe, a good man and the best coach in Wake Forest history, stepped down on Monday.  Details from Chris Vannini at

I'm linking this here because I'm planning to live vicariously through Wake, as they embark on this coaching search.  We should be embarking on our own coaching search... but alas.  We get another season with Mike London trying to learn on the job and decide if a popgun pro-style offense can punch its way out of a wet paper bag.  *sigh*  (Watching Wake this season could give us a really good preview of our own coaching search a year from now.)

Speaking of a coaching search... step one is a little honest self-evaluation.  This fantastic piece from USA Today's Paul Myerberg gives you the Wake job in a nutshell.  (There are a lot of similarities between the Wake Forest job and the Virginia job, so read this article with that in mind.)

Last link for today.  Ball State's Pete Lembo is probably the candidate that makes the most sense for Wake Forest.  If you've been reading this blog, you know that we love Lembo.  If Wake smartly hires him while we continue to tug our pud with Mike London, I'm going to be sad.  This is from Wake's SB*Nation site, Blogger So Dear:

Join the countdown.  360 days 'til Mike London is fired...


  1. So here is your silver lining. If we fired Mike London this year it would only be the coaching staff with little confidence we make the right next hire. If we wait till next year there is a chance, though small, that Oliver gets thrown out too.

  2. It's Clawson for Wake.