November 22, 2013

WahoozeCast - November, 11th

Hey there errybody. We're back to fill your brain with our delightful discussion of all things UVA sports. Enjoy our reflection on the start of the basketball team's season, football's upcoming game at Miami, and a few other things - like how awful NC State is.

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  1. Good podcast. Some thoughts:

    Ball security and, more blatantly, outside shooting has been a much-needed area of improvement for the basketball team. I could see these areas improving.

    One guy on the VA football team that has been performing well is David Dean. I tend to feel generalizations about "the team packing it in" don't serve all the players well. We could have players playing with the enthusiasm of tasmanian devils on roadkill, but with the offensive schemes and playcalling we have shown, still demonstrate poor results. And, if the offense has too many three and outs, fatigue will set in on defense later in the game, which often appears like lack of effort as well.

    You mentioned how bad NC State is. Ironically, wouldn't Doeren, with his high-performing updated offense at NI, have been on your coaching list if you had to make it last year?

    OB may be our OC next year, re-energizing the fan base with a name they trust. So what would you say to fans who say that what has occurred at NC State this year shows what a under-appreciated program builder OB was/is? Is NC State an example of how the traditional system of OB trumps your preferred updated offensive system? (playing devils advocate here)

  2. "Is NC State an example of how the traditional system of OB trumps your preferred updated offensive system?"


    Check back in another two years. Tom O'Brien left the cupboard pretty bare at State. Can't indict Doeren for not being able to win there in Year One.

    Meanwhile, good point on David Dean and on second half defensive fatigue in general. All I know is that I saw a team that 100% QUIT, late against Ball State, late against Clemson, and the entire game against UNC. Not putting that on the players, not at all. Just pointing out that one thing that most fans viewed as a strength of Mike London - his ability to motivate his troops - has completely deserted him.