November 10, 2013

Is Jon Oliver to blame for Virginia's problems?

Great piece from the folks at Streaking the Lawn.


  1. Yes.

    The end. Story over. Everyone go home.

  2. That's a really interesting article. I'm all for making changes at the highest level of leadership as opposed to handing pink slips to the assistant coaches en masse like we did this year. The parallel to the Groh era is pretty damning.

    Thanks, as always, for the info gents.

  3. Great piece and on target.

    That said, the only way I see Oliver sent packing is if:

    1. Sullivan or BOV does it. Sullivan's tentative approach during her last crisis makes me skeptical she will take an active role in the dysfunction in major sports at UVA.

    2. The large donors who were allegedly sold on the last offensive coach hires (and the coaches kept may have been just as poor decisions) insist on it, before ponying up large amounts of dough to fix this mess. I worry a bit about this, as the donors were convinced of some questionable hires several times (not just once).

    3. A prospective incoming coach (head or assistant) does his homework (quite possible) and insists on it.

    If things stay the same in the AD, how many great coaches would be willing to step into it. It's a real problem.