November 3, 2013


59-10, right?  That's what it ended up being?  Didn't notice, I was too busy enjoying my Saturday.


  1. Yeah, your prediction of about a 3 percent chance of a win was right on. But still a good time with my kids. Heh, bet Tim Harris didnt Think he'd have to go one-on-one with Sammy Watkins at the beginning of the season.

  2. Kendall I like your blog and have posted on it more then once. What I like about your blog is that you don't jump back and forth like some other boards do. We both agree that London needs to go period. We also agree that the administration needs to go as well. As to the people that are saying this team has so much promise and wait till next year I just don't agree. You can see flashes of how good this team could be and I truly believe this team has talent. The problem is London will never coach them up to there potential and that's obvious. Where I disagree with you is I think that UVA needs to make a hire that brings excitement and hope to the program. No hire is a sure thing but this program will not generate the excitement or survive with some of the candidates you have mentioned. The program is at a cross roads and needs to make a big hire. Two candidates I have mentioned is Kirby Smart and Jim Tressel. I did two years at Uva and it is truly a special place and in other posts I mentioned that it is a sleeping giant and also presented the money it has generated in the past. I have been to many other universities and they don't hold a candle to what UVA could be but funny enough they have excellent coaches and are better in football. That is why I'm tired of people thinking we couldn't attract a big name for a coach as well as a great athletic director. All is cured when we decide to get serious about football and quit accepting incompetency. Where to go from here under the current circumstances I just don't know. What is happening right now is a embarrassment to this fine institution. I think the attendance numbers from yesterdays game reflects that. Let's hope brighter days are ahead because it surely cannot be any worse.

    1. Anon,

      Did you consider some of Tressel's past?

      You mentioned some intangibles like "knowing how to win", recruiting prowess, and "energetic" personality. You also implied that you feel it is important that these guys are known commodities ("must make a big hire". But anon, I don't think that is that enough to turn this around.

      What is it about the systems that Smart and Tressel deploy that would give them a competitive advantage over other coaches in college football while here at UVA. This is the key question if you answer that sell me, because I think we would be batting pretty well right now with Alabama's or OSUs talent. Smart/Tressel won't have that here. Just as Obrien is no longer leaning on all pro NFl talent at QB here.

      Kendall placed an emphasis on his list on trying to find a strategic advantage in the system employed by his coaces---looking deeper than just saying this is a program or name that is familiar to me. Didn't we kind of made that mistake with Obrien... We possibly were going to make that mistake with Cubbage and Tubby Smith). Though his list is not perfect, it does seem to recognize that some sort of system-generated and strategic advantage must come with a new coach.

    2. Thanks for the kind words!

      As for Kirby Smart and Jim Tressel, I left those two off because I don't think either one passes the realism sniff test. Smart will be chased - hard - this coming offseason, and Tressel has too much baggage for squeaky-clean-at-all-costs UVA to get overly interested.

      However, I do agree that a "splash" hire would be the best thing... in the short term. A systems guy is the key to long-term, sustainable success, in my humble opinion. That's why I singled out so many guys who are tied to specific offensive systems.

  3. I watched the game on TV.I still support the kids and will support the team.

    However, one thing that really bothered me was ESPN's announcers told a story about their experiences the day before the game. They said they spent the day with UVA's offensive coaches, and they were convinced by what they were shown and told that the offensive side of the ball had little talent and when that problem was resolved, the system would really be effective. I am disappointed in the coaches for telling this story (it sounds as if they spent some time selling it). Ethically, I have a problem with them doing this. They mentioned spending time with Fairchild, ,but was London selling them the same story?

    The facts are far different than ESPN analysts gave. The fact is, recruiting for offense this year is on a Wake Duke level (defensive recruiting has not dropped off as much). We have few guys on the offensive side --coaching wise -- known for their personal commitment to recruiting (Obrien left the cupboard bare, completely, at NCSU), and this year, anyway, it shows.

    I am not sold on the fact that our offensive talent is any worse that some schools geting fine offensive results -- (like Duke). But, what really bothered me about the story is that I think the kids on this program deserve better, and it was not classy to shift it onto their "lack of talent".

  4. Totally agree that the talent isn't worse than other schools.

    McGee, Moses, Bowanko, Parks, Mizzell, Smith, Jennings, Terrell, Lambert, etc.. - all of these guys have talent/potential.

    We simply haven't gotten development or results.

  5. Wow it's clear that you must live on another planet. When Groh was here the first few years he was bringing in top 5 and 10 recruiting classes. London also brings in top 25 classes annually. Just because they cannot develop that talent does not mean we can't get great talent. If you read what I said you can never be assured that a great hire would yield results but it sends a statement that were serious about football and winning. Regarding coaches past I think were finding out that you can dig up a lot of things on any program if you want too. As far as Smart what he brings is being around arguably the best college football coach of all time and you would think he took in some of that knowledge and should know what it takes to win. If I have to explain to you about Tressel then it's clear you know nothing about football and probably shouldn't post anything else to save yourself the embarrassment. You overlook the fact at the great talent Virginia has and what this university brings to the table as a whole. Sorry you don't realize the sleeping giant UVA is and we don't need any gimmicky systems to win. Know the facts anon guy before you question them. Also don't throw Kendall into your lack of knowledge about football, coaches, and this great program. Peace!!!!!!!!"

  6. You missed the free pizza though!

  7. I think that we can all agree our excellence has been compromised for the past decade or so. We deserve a great staff, but re-telling the story of London as a cop, etc, and his moral doctrine just doesn't do anything for me. Keep London on staff as a recruiter, but we need a guy who can Al Davis the situation...just win baby win.

  8. Just keep this mind when we are debating coaching changes. This ain't Southwest baggage doesn't fly free.

  9. Kendall I really do understand both sides of the spectrum. Which Is why I liked Frost on your list. I love the Oregon system where even if a coach leaves they still run the same offense. It's a offense that keeps the D off balance and hides your weaknesses. On the other side you bring in a big hire to elevate the program and by doing so it makes it more of a desirable job for the next guy. It's not like coaches hang around for 20yrs anymore. Unfortunately I don't see neither happening with the current administration. I think UVA would be a very desirable job if they were committed to winning football games. Who really knows where the program is headed I guess we will just have to wait and see. The rest is just speculation and hope