September 3, 2013

Promised Posts

Yesterday, I got this piece of anonymous feedback via our anonymous feedback form (look to your right!)

I would like to see more of your promised posts actually happen. If that means keeping a list of post ideas, or delegating posts, so be it. Otherwise, keep up the good work!!

First of all, let me say... thanks for reading!  Specifically, thanks for reading closely enough to notice when I promise future posts, and following the blog closely enough to notice when those promised posts don't appear.

Secondly, I have no good defense for why those posts don't ever happen.  All I can say is that this is just a fan blog, and despite all my best intentions, sometimes real life gets in my way.  I have a full-time job and a family, and those things have to come first, as much as I'd like to make Wahooze the priority more often!

Thirdly -- and this is just me being blunt and honest -- sometimes I just run out of steam on certain pieces / posts / articles / angles.  So instead of going through the motions and mailing it in just to give you what I promised I'd give you, I just let it slide.  Proper inspiration is important for: a) me to enjoy creating the blog post, and b) the blog post to achieve a level of quality that meets my standards.  I always wanted Wahooze to be something different than what you can find in the newspapers, or on the pay sites, or on other blogs.  To deliver those goods, I have to be properly inspired to write what I'm writing.  (Or just drunk and pissed and venting after another miserable Virginia loss.)  Anyway, I care about what I'm producing here, and I don't like the idea of writing something just to be able to say that I wrote it, minus any of that Wahooze magic.

Fourth, I'm not sure Mike or Pierce would appreciate me trying to delegate post ideas to them.  I'll let them chime in via the comments section to let us know.  Meanwhile, we do maintain a comprehensive Google Doc containing tons of ideas for posts.  The problem for me is that in most cases, premeditation murders energy, flow, and enthusiasm for the writing.  And without those things, the post ends up sucking.

Fifth, I'll go ahead and eat this one now: I'm sitting on a 70%-completed offensive line preview that parallels our 2013 o-line to the Big Lebowski*.  Sounds great, doesn't it?  Problem is, it didn't come together like I wanted it to, and I'm struggling to go back to it and resurrect the effort, especially now that the season has started.  So I'll probably end up scrapping it, and I'll also never even get to the defensive side of the ball (where I was going to parallel the front seven to Boogie Nights, the secondary to Office Space, and the special teams to Superbad.)  I just ran out of steam on them, guys.  I'm sorry.  But the ideas were awesome, I'm not too modest to say that!

Sixth, and lastly, a bit of a solution to this problem moving forward: More stand-alone posts, fewer series of posts, and less of me promising stuff that is upcoming.  I'll do my best to keep the blog more spontaneous, because it just works better that way, and I just work better that way.

Thanks again for the feedback!  This was something I needed to hear, and it gave me a great actionable talking point, so THANKS!