September 28, 2013

One Quick Point...

...and then a discussion about uniforms.

First, the quick point.  I tweeted it, and also said it on the Wahoos24/7 message board, but I'll echo it here.

With three weeks (+ a glorified scrimmage) to prepare, we better win this game against Pitt. Otherwise, I have to begin seriously questioning our coaching staff.

It's true, you know.  If we can't put together enough offense to secure a win in this game, then it isn't going to happen at all this season.  And if it doesn't happen at all this season, in Year Four of the London era... well... I don't want to cross that bridge 'til we get to it.  So let's just beat Pitt today, shall we?

Meanwhile, let's talk uniforms.

Today against Pitt, Virginia will wear orange helmets, white jerseys, and orange pants for the first time.

Here's the tweet from UVA Equipment ...

For the first time in the @CoachMikeLondon era @UVa_Football will be wearing Orange/White/Orange uni combo #GoHoos #wahoowa

Using Syracuse, here's an example of something similar to what our unis might look like today:

I like it, but it's not really an original look.  Syracuse uses it often, as does Florida, as does Bowling Green.  But it's new to us, so I'm excited to see it.

Meanwhile, if you want to go full-blown UVA uniform geek, I have to strongly recommend THIS POST from the fantastic blog, From Old Virginia.

Maybe someday, I'll unleash my own rankings of our 18 different possible uniform combinations.  But for now, know that I pine for a white helmet, more / different  throwbacks, alternate design with some crazy changes, and a glorious return for these two awesome throwbacks:

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  1. UGH!!!!! This uniform combo needs to go. And, please, no orange helmets. They make me spew chunks. Give them to the neighborhood kids when they go to collect their Halloween candy.