October 5, 2014

Virginia 24, Pitt 19

A few things...

1) I was happy to remove the Countdown Clock (To the Firing of Mike London) and the Hire this Man (Pete Lembo) pic from the menu at the right.

2) Important to note: Lembo's Ball State team sits at 1-4 this morning, after losing to Army yesterday.  The Cardinals have also lost to Iowa, Toledo, and... Indiana State (ouch).  Their lone win is against Colgate.  This doesn't mean that I think Lembo is any less of a stellar coach, it just tells me that maybe I've been underestimating the power of on-field personnel, especially at the quarterback position.

3) I think those new helmets looked great under the lights last night.  Happy to eat crow on my "meh" from when they were unveiled.  It was a truly bad ass look for the Hoos.

4) Also bad ass: That Kevin Parks out-rushed James Conner.

5) More bad ass: Our pass rush, and the game that Jon Tenuta called.

6) I didn't like the scoreless second half -- damn near lost us the game.  But that second quarter was the best quarter of football I can remember a Virginia team ever playing. 50-yard touchdown run, beautiful 9-play drive, pick six from our stud DE/OLB hybrid, and great defense from the Orange Crush whenever the Panthers touched the ball.  It was fantastic.

7) Big win for London.  Huge.  4-2 (2-0 ACC), with the remaining schedule looking softer by the day.  I think we beat Duke, UNC, and at least one of GT/Miami/VT to get to 7+ wins and a bowl game.

8) Go Hoos!


  1. I was going to say, at least take down the Pete Lembo picture, yeesh.

    The second half concerns me- and special teams continue to be pretty darn special. Though I thought Matty Johns made some really poor choices in the second half, and then things like the OL who had that penalty that makes me hope he has to do pushups until he pukes. Matt Johns, great to have a talented back up, but Greyson Lambert needs to be in there, IMO.

  2. Congratulations on beating Pitt (and Louisville) and best wishes against Duke and UNC. IMO, you should've beaten UCLA as well.

    The helmets looked very nice indeed (I'm a little jealous!)

    You aren't beating Virginia Tech! ;-)