October 2, 2014

New Helmet

A few quick things before I post the pics.

1) As a uniform geek, I celebrate newness of any sort.  So, hooray.

2) I think this helmet looks okay overall, but basically draws a "meh" from me.

3) It'll look pretty good over the all-white uni, which is what we're wearing Saturday night.

4) I would have preferred matte navy, white, or pure shiny chrome.

5) I also would have preferred a modestly-different new uniform to go along with the new helmet.

6) Make sure you wear white if you're going to the game Saturday night!


  1. These new helmets are bad ass.

  2. Agree anon, I love these helmets, really sleek.

    1. I hope the team plays as hyped up as those helmets look - they're great!!!

  3. I'll give the dissenting comment: I think they're pretty dumb looking. Not like, maryland dumb, or anything, but I'm unimpressed. I do, however, care very little - and if the players are hyped, all the better.