October 24, 2014

Cut Check

As in, cut the check for the buyout if we lose this fucking game.

Go Hoos.  Beat the Tarholes.

Kendall's Prediction:

North Carolina 35, Virginia 17

We can't stop that Carolina offense, so don't bother thinking we might.  Can we keep up in a bit of a shootout?  I say no.

If I'm right, get ready for The List, Part III, coming next week.  Because London's days at UVA will be numbered.


  1. Why are you so negative kendall. When we were winning, you gave one post a week. After the loss to duke, you now have 3 post. It's like you live for negativity. We've lost 3 games to 3 good teams and we have been in every game. This team is pretty good. So why not let the rest of the season play out before you get started with all the negativity. And as far as the coaching list that you have coming out, I think you lost credibility with your year long promotion of pete lembo.

  2. Hey Darryl! A few things:

    1) Thanks for reading! I don't think I know you, and I don't think I'm really writing this blog for you, but all the same... thanks for reading!

    2) Please remember, this is a fan blog. I'm not getting paid. I'm not selling ads. I'm not forcing people to visit this site and read. I write when I want to, when inspiration hits. I guess sleepwalk victories over U of R and Kent State don't inspire me to write like losing to Duke and UNC does. Maybe I do live for negativity, who knows? But I'll write when I want to write, when it's fun for me, or when I want/need to vent. If you want to read some rah-rah shit, try the newspaper.

    3) I agree with you, this team is pretty good. I'd say it's a 9-win team... being coached to a 5-7 season.

    4) Why not let the season play out? Because I've been waiting for 12 fucking months for UVA administration to course correct this shit show, that's why. I have grown impatient.

    5) I lost credibility because of backing Pete Lembo? Maybe so. I'll address that in my upcoming post, The List, Part III. I hope you'll read... But if not, I'll try desperately to find some way to survive.

    1. I understand your point kendall. When we lose, I get so frustrated that sometimes I need to vent as well, but I also try to keep things in perspective. It's hard to go from 2 wins to 9 wins. This team is still learning how to win. But what I see is a team that is not quitting, they play hard, they have been in every game this season, and lets not forget how difficult our schedule is. This team is very close to getting over the hump. Do you really want to change this coaching staff now when we see good improvement. Now, I will say that the coaching mistakes at the end of games is very frustrating and it pisses me off as well, but as long as I see the team continue to improve, I don't see a need for a coaching change.

    2. I don't agree with your stance on the coaching staff, Darryl, but I appreciate hearing your thoughts - thanks for sharing!
      Interesting to hear someone still with some faith in the staff. Would love to see some sustained success, but repeated underwhelming losses with clear coaching mishaps have become too much for me to have any faith.

    3. I don't think Kendall's point here is that the team should be going from 2 wins to 9 wins. There is no way that team last year should have won only 2 games. The defense on UVA is certainly 9 win worthy and realistically that should have only been ~ 3 win improvement over last year. Just 2 cents from a fan of the the other program in the Commonwealth swirling the toilet

  3. No need for a coaching change? Dude, we deserve more than 4-8, 2-10, and then hoping for 6-6. We deserve much more.

    You're a good fan, Darryl. We're all good fans. And we all deserve better.