October 20, 2014

Look Toward Kansas...

Maybe this ends up being totally irrelevant.

Or maybe it doesn't.

You might have heard that a few weeks ago, Kansas fired Charlie Weis, creating the first Power-5 opening in the 2014 coaching carousel.

Here are a few articles to review, so you're aware of some of the names floating around out there.  Call it homework.  Because if the Hoos lose to UNC on Saturday, next week I will uncork my long-awaited post, "The List, Part III."  And it will be a real humdinger.

Names that stand out to me, the woeful Hoofan...

  • Mark Hudspeth
  • Scott Frost
  • Pete Lembo
  • Chad Morris
  • Pat Narduzzi
  • Phillip Montgomery
  • Jake Spavital

1 comment:

  1. Either go big or go home. Open the checkbook or pack it in. Do what VT did for their basketball program. If they do that, hire a Chad Morris or something, I'll buy season tickets- several in fact- next year.