September 25, 2014

Baseball Scrimmage Report

The following scrimmage report was submitted by an anonymous member of Wahooze Nation.  Thanks Anonymous!  To everyone reading --- ENJOY!!

Hello Wahooze Nation!

The following report is respectfully submitted regarding the exhibition baseball game on Tuesday, September 23, 2014. We watched 11 out of the 14 innings so we didn’t see the last pitcher. I couldn’t tell who was warming up for those last few, but it wasn’t Kirby, Waddell, or Sborz….


Connor Jones opened with throwing two balls, but settled in for a commanding three-inning outing. His fastball was clocked at 92-94 mph, plenty zesty. After that first batter, I think he only got behind on one count. He induced several grounders, played really well defensively as a few choppers were either played directly by him or played by Matt Thaiss (who was playing first base) with Connor covering. He looked good, strong, comfortable.

Adam Haseley – For his three innings, Haseley’s fastball was sitting at 86-87 mph (plenty fast for a college pitcher), but he threw lots and lots of balls. Somehow, held the Blue Jays to a zero. He was huge defensively. He successfully handled three bunts and he had a great catch of someone stealing (the runner headed for second and instead of panicking, Haseley zinged the ball to Thaiss who gunned it to second and they caught the guy in a run-down). Although smaller than O’Connor’s usual two-way player (Haseley is listed at 6-1, 195), he kind of looks like a two-way player to me (see hitting).

Alec Bettinger – Good to see him out there. Fastball at 89… sweet 1-6-3 double play in there...

Jack Roberts – Really wanted to see him play, but two of the three innings he played were very rough. I think he walked five or six batters, and yet his middle inning was something like a 4-pitch outing. How the Blue Jays only scored two against him is a mystery. He was quite good defensively and got himself out of a few pickles with fewer opposing runs than could have realistically been feared at that point, but that probably isn’t the definition of a great pitcher. His appearance looked big, strong, and imposing, but he couldn't locate the zone and was visibly frustrated and uncomfortable.

Bennett Sousa – WOW. Tight, efficient, fastball at 91. I was really impressed with this freshman. Looked like he wants to earn a role in the 2015 rotation.

Derek Casey – Shaky start for our big-name freshman, but he struck out a few including one after a 3 and 0 count.

Bennett Sousa


Interesting to see Thaiss at first base. He is a strong dude. Pinero? Poetry in motion. Several 6-3 combos equaling outs. Catching? Coman looks great. 

Given the pitching, there was not much chance to showcase anyone else on D…

Robbie Coman


[Freshman] Pavin Smith hit a home run that I think must have landed in the Cage lot. No kidding. He was solid all around, and that blast was impressive.

Thomas Woodruff -- Great to see him hit a homer as well (left field bleachers).

Solid hitting delivered from Matt Thaiss (he is a strong dude), Joe McCarthy (what do you expect from a Greek God?), Pinero, Clement (love that we have an Ernie) and Haseley had a great approach. I think we scored something like 11 runs while we were there watching.

Joe Mac


Jack Gerstenmaier suffered what appeared to be a pretty painful looking hamstring injury. He was playing second and made a sliding catch heading away from first base and wanted to get up and throw back to first base. His inertia kept him going and it looked like his foot may have planted oddly and he must have pulled the hell out of his hamstring. Poor kid got up and tried to throw… he crumbled painfully. He left the field and came back in shorts, on crutches, with a 10-pound bag of ice on his hamstring. He was hitting pretty well up to that point and doing well at second, so it was a bummer to see him go down. Let's hope the injury isn't too serious.

Jack Roberts – His outing was pretty ugly.


No preview of our pitching stars… 

It'll be interesting to see if Thaiss stays on first. He is a strong dude.

Hope you have enjoyed this report!

Thanks, Anonymous!  That was great!

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