September 19, 2014

Busy day on the blog...

...but I have two more quick nugs:

1) After drawing major heat from Texas during their coaching search, it sounds like Brian O'Connor has inked a six- or seven-year extension to remain as Virginia's head baseball coach.  The deal is set up a lot like Tony Bennett's, in that it is structured to elevate over the course of the contract, and it is also built to help compensate the assistant coaches.  BOOM.  It's probably not the blank check I have been lobbying for, but it's a good thing - a REALLY good thing - to have a fantastic coach locked up long term.  I couldn't be happier!

2) My prediction for tomorrow's game against BYU...  The defense fights hard and does a great job of dirtying up the game.  We keep it close throughout.  Then BYU takes a late 7-point lead, and Greyson Lambert has the Hoos on the move with about 2:00 left.  Not sure if he gets us into the end zone or not, so I'll let you take your pick from these three outcomes:

BYU 24, Virginia 17

Virginia 38, BYU 34 (2OT)

BYU 38, Virginia 34 (2OT)

1 comment:

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