September 19, 2014

Bullet Points. No Pictures.

Howdy, WahoozeNation.

Apologies for the recent lack of podcasts. I travel for work this time of year - makes the logistics of casting very difficult. That said, we'll be back soon, don't worry. Since I don't want to deny the masses both my soothing voice and sparkling wit, here you'll have plenty of the latter in the form of a bulleted list of my thoughts.

  • Remember that time Kendall picked the Louisville upset? Stunning optimism. Gutsy call. I was not a believer, but the Wahoos proved me wrong.
  • I'm not a believer this week either. I think BYU really is too tough a road test for this team.
  • However, BYU's achilles heel is their proclivity for turning the ball over. Who's really great at forcing turnovers? Hoos are.
  • Greyson Lambert looks like a whole different Greyson. How great was it to see him open the game last week with a bomb down the left sideline? Finally, the prophecies are coming true...
  • After the UCLA game, I was admittedly on #TeamMattyFootball - feed the hot hand and all. Currently, the hot hand is clearly #TeamLambert. Let's hope it stays that way and the QB controversy fades away.
  • Eli Harold is faster than you are.
  • Henry Coley is the hero UVA fans need and the hero they deserve.
  • So a Heisman-hyped top-ten-team QB and a Bobby Petrino-coached top-25-team QB both looked horrible against our defense...but Michael Strauss clearly has had the best game against us so far. Hmmm.
  • How'd the Cubs do this year? Does anyone know? Leave comments plz.
  • It's too early to be drinking pumpkin flavored things. It's always too early to drink pumpkin flavored starbucks creations.
  • UVA basketball will probably be a preseason top 10 team. I love having the hype and the respect and having media talk about us - but if I were voting, I'd probably still have them closer to 15.
  • Keys to beating BYU: turnover battle. beat up their oline. take care of the ball. score some touchdowns. force some fumbles and interceptions. don't die in the high altitude. score more points than the other team. when we have the ball, don't give the ball back to them, but rather make the opposite happen when they have the ball.
  • My favorite part of staying in Hampton Inns is the free cookies. My second favorite part is how they always wash the duvet covers. Did you know not all hotels do that? Ew.
  • Yes, I still want a coaching change. If we win tomorrow, I will still want a coaching change. This doesn't mean I'm rooting for losses. I'm rooting for the team and as such I'm rooting for Coach London to win. Doesn't mean I don't want a different coach. Love the one you're with, right?
  • Things are going to be weird when there's no more NFL.
  • Never have I been so disappointed in a 3:30 kickoff than when it conflicts with the annual beer festival. The struggle is real.


  1. Former Oriole great Jake Arreita one hit the Reds and the next day the Reds' manager benched the entire starting lineup as punishment. I think that sums up the Cubs season quite well. Not bad, but still pretty embarrassing to lose to them.

    I think we will cover this weekend (I think the line is like 15 or something) but still lose. I may snap that up with a parlay on the over of number of babies born in the stadium during the game which is set at 1.5...

  2. Great job, Pierce. So glad you posted this.

    I've got one coming this afternoon, too!