August 5, 2014

WahoozeCast - August, 5th

We're back on the airwaves and boy oh boy do we have a great surprise this week: THEME MUSIC. Get hyped. This week, Mike and I discuss our feelings on summer football practices, drunk and public arrests, and the Cubs farm system.

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  1. I think we started to try and communicate with the dead around the 23:00 minute mark...

  2. I want you guys to know I was listening so intently to the podcast that I wasnt paying attention and got startled by a bear running across my lawn as I was mowing it, so, thanks. I'm just glad it wasn't hungry.

    Mike, Cubs and UVA? Jesus, man.

  3. That's incredible and terrifying - much like Mike's Cubs fandom

  4. For those curious, this is a good article on the Becky Hammon/Spurs hiring: