August 27, 2014

WahoozeCast - August, 26th

Check it here, WahoozeNation. A new podcast this week. A new podcast hosting site. Hopefully this makes streaming/downloading easier, plus brings back the RSS feed feature. This week's podcast is a special one:

The WahoozeCast of Positivity

That's right, nearly 45 whole minutes of nothing but positive thoughts from us about the UVA football team and its upcoming season. Enjoy.

This really doesn't need a caption. A cat-ption.


  1. Love the new podcast system. RSS is the best, and now I can listen to it using my podcast app on my commute.

    That said, this podcast is the worst thing I could be listening to right now. I have found myself falling into the same old trap of UVA preseason optimism. You could track the number of months until football season starts by subtracting the number of UVA wins I predict by 6. Between this podcast, Streaking the Lawn, and the Augusta Free Press, I am experiencing feverish delusions of hope.
    I hate it and I love it.
    Because we are all undefeated.
    Because college football.
    Because Fuck Tech, Go Hoos Go

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Haha - don't worry, I suffer from the same issue. Just keep repeating to yourself: "the offensive line is probably in shambles..."

    2. Meh, I ain't got your share of the optimism. I still love the guys, they're awesome, but the deck is stacked against 'em, and what're you gonna do? But I'll cheer 'em on, win or lose.

  2. Excellent analysis, with entertaining neologisms, enhanced by Kendall's absence.