July 22, 2014

Sabbatical, OVER

My wounds are licked.  My heart, no longer black.

I'll be back to full-blast blogging, sometime in the next week or so.

I promised I'd get out of the business of promising posts, but get ready for...

Favorite Seasons Ranking -- Where does 2013-14 Basketball and 2014 Baseball fit in my all-time rankings?

Slicing the 200 Minute Pie -- For the 2014-15 basketball season.  Spoiler: Devon Hall enthusiasts should prepare to be disappointed.

ACC Relegation FTMF Win (my solution to the ACC's football scheduling problem) -- You've maybe seen an English Premier League-style relegation system for the ACC floated before, but not like this.

2014 Football Preview! -- Spoiler: It ends with us hiring Pete Lembo.  See the sidebar.

And the master stroke...


Stay tuned to this space, Wahooze Nation.

To tide you over, handy links to old posts!

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