July 31, 2014

2014's Mixed Metaphor!

In 2009, the mixed metaphor was football and boxing, with the wildly popular and successful Fight Card series.

In 2010, the mixed metaphor was football and horse racing, with the unbelievably awesome Trifecta Box series.

In 2011, the mixed metaphor was football and Monopoly, with the incredible and inspiring Monopoly Properties series.

In 2012, the mixed metaphor was football and bowling (and burgers), with the fantastic and fabulous Bowling & Burgers series.

In 2013, the mixed metaphor was football and movies, with the awful and half-assed (and incomplete) Movies I Love series.

In 2014, we’re attempting more of a Wahooze collaboration; more of a shared effort. This upcoming season, we’re anticipating that many (most? ALL?) Hoofans will be driven to drink heavily. As such, the obvious metaphor is the one that originally put the “ooze” in Wahooze. It’s booze! The mixed metaphor is football and booze!

Nailed it. We fucking nailed it.

Anyway, we’re not sure what the format will look like, but rest easy knowing there will be a format of some sort (or not, probably not). Plus comments from all three of us on each position group. PLUS, a release schedule! We are hijacking your entire month of August, people.

8/6 - Quarterbacks

8/8 - Running Backs

8/11 - Wide Receivers

8/13 - Tight Ends

8/15 - Offensive Line

8/18 - Defensive Line

8/20 - Linebackers

8/22 - Secondary

8/25 - Coaches

8/27 - The 2014 Schedule

Pop open the flask, Hoofans. Take a drink, deep and good.

Cheers, bitches.