July 17, 2014

WahoozeCast - July, 17th

We're back again this summer to fill your ears with delightful UVA-sports-related musings. We really go off the deep end in this one - as there's not actually a whole lot to talk about these days. If you're in the mood for a podcast that discusses Lacrosse dads, NBA summer league playoff structure, international poverty, Tinder, and baby advice, well then look no further than below:

Leave comments. Tinder tagline ideas or otherwise.


  1. #2 Survivor fan here. Just wanted to say that someone does still listen to these.

    I don't know if it's worth discussing, and I've mentioned it before, but I just disagree with Kendall on the trading 5 minor championships for a bigger one point. I just don't like the idea of saying that their championships aren't as important, even if it is probably true.

    Great podcast, guys.

  2. Hey guys tuned in to some of your podcast last fall. I like the blog. This season blows because its a lame duck season. I feel like a 76ers fan. I can't wait till basketball season rolls around.

    I am voting we hire the Auburn OC Scot Loefller? Any thoughts?