January 21, 2014

Quick Things to Say Quickly

Let's chat real quick about our 5-1 ACC start - in sloppy stream of consciousness note format:


-WHO SAW THIS COMING? after the UT game? I'm going to assume no one. Oh you did? You're a liar.
-We're a lucky bounce or three from being 6-0. SIX AND 0. UVA hasn't started 6-0 in the ACC since the Harding administration.*
-London Perrantes has been a revelation. Loved hearing Van Gundy on primetime ESPN gush about him.
-Really I could list all the contributions from everyone in this stretch as positives, but outside of the team getting back to playing their unified-top-notch defense, real quickly: Joe shooting more, Anderson as the 6th man, Akil rebounding, Gill finishing, Brogdon starting at the 2, Brogdon driving over shooting, Nolte hitting big time shots in limited minutes, Tobey being really tall.
-How about that offense? 20 point leads over the majority of our ACC opponents. Whaaaaaaat? Apparently it's a throwback to the sets we ran with Mike Scott. Yeah, let's keep those.
-I said this a few weeks ago:

Basically, unless the team loses tonight, regardless of the Tennessee game, my opinion of the conference games is that 10-8 would put the team squarely on the bubble - and probably on the wrong side of it. 11-7 would absolutely be tournament worthy team - though it might not put us in a favorable position to win more than one game.

-Hey look how right I was. And by that I mean, the UT result did not matter - though one could say, the game itself has been our most important, as a catalyst for the performances following. 
-11-7 would not only be a shoe-in for the tournament, but it should be our ABSOLUTE bottom floor worst case scenario at this point. I mean, check the remaining games:


Piece of cake - right?

-Do you see 7 losses there? Outside of my standard beaten-down UVA fan pessimism, no way. I see a maximum of 5 losses, considering things are going to go wrong in some games at some point. Free throw shooting could cost a close game. Shooting slumps happen, etc... And were that to even happen, 13-5 in the ACC is a great place to be.
-THAT SAID. WHY NOT MORE? DON'T WE DESERVE MORE? DON'T WE DESERVE TO STRIVE FOR THE BEST? Well, yes I think it's fair to set our sights higher. Pitt and Cuse are both really really good, so before playing either, it's tough to think UVA has anything but the darkest of horses' chance to win a conference title. BUT that should at least be the goal. Before conference play, I thought top 4 in the ACC should be the goal - I didn't think it was what they'd achieve, but made sense as a where-we-want-to-be after the Tennessee loss. We're there already, if we keep it up.
-It doesn't bother me when fans say "we" for a team they support- I really don't get why it bothers others. I think it's a trendy-cynical thing to bitch about. Like the show Girls.
-JONTEL EVANS. Good to see you at the FSU game. GREAT to hear the ESPN studio guys talk about you on primetime TV for 5 minutes a year after your graduation. 
-A thousand "you're an asshole"s to the guy sitting behind me in my section who loudly boo'd when the JPJ showed Jontel on the screen.
-Even more "you're an asshole"s to the same individual who loudly boos anything Akil does poorly, but remains oddly silent when he does something well. If you're too stupid to understand how important Akil Mitchell is to this team - or recognize the exceptional defense he plays - you should stay at home. Or at least shut your mouth.
-To everyone that's not a point guard. FREE THROWS ARE NOT THAT DIFFICULT.
-Only real concern recently? Letting offensive rebounds turn into open 3 pointers. Happened last night. Happened, what, 15 times vs Duke.
-That's all I got. Leave comments. Let's talk.

*this is not true. 


  1. So freaking pumped right now and this post confirmed it.

    1. I know right? It's like I don't even care that inevitable let down is coming at some point.

  2. Is this what optimism feels like???? I don't know but it feels kind of dirty to feel this good about a UVa revenue team...

  3. Let's talk about "WE."

    1) I hate hipsters.

    2) I especially hate hipsters who try to be sports fans.

    3) If a fan hurts when his team loses, he gets to say "we." Simple as that.

    1. Preach it brother Kendall.

      As the most hip Wahooze writer (that's right, Mike) - I'm so hip that I hate all hip things.

      But I'm not wrong right? Hating on saying "we" is one of those things people say to feel holier than thou - in this context with something that couldn't be of less importance.

      I think your #3 is the exact end of any argument over this.

    2. Hell yeah, man! And I'm so glad you brought it up. The "we" thing has been bubbling up around me a lot lately, and I fight very vehemently that UVA sports along with the Bengals are "we" for me. It's the hurt that makes you part of it.

    3. Once you've thrown a random guys hat completely out of a stadium in a drunken rage, then you can use we.

  4. I also enjoy referring to fans of opposing teams as "you" or "y'all". As in, hey Tech fans, y'all aren't going to make the tournament...again. Or you have a rat-faced coach, Duke grads.

  5. Given the way we're playing I don't see any reason -outside of UVA fandom - why we couldn't beat Syracuse and Pitt.

    We're playing as good of defense as we have all year and our ACC O efficiency numbers are ridiculous (like top 15 in the country ridiculous). This against top 25 level defenses. Honestly Pitt's o rebounding scares me more than Syracuse's zone right now but they'll both have a hard time against our d.

    I'm keeping it all in perspective but why the hell not us?

    1. Agree 100% on the Pitt vs. Syracuse argument. If the offense can keep moving the ball and shooting like they have been I am not overly concerned about facing that zone. In fact I am looking forward to proving the packline is better than the same defense we ran in first grade rec league.

      Pitt on the other hand excels at the thing we are struggling with. That is more concerning. Plus if we drop that game we get to hear all about how TB failed to sign James Robinson all over again.