January 3, 2014

Dex to UConn

I have it on *very* good authority that Anthony Poindexter is headed to UConn to serve as the Defensive Coordinator under Bob Diaco.

(I also have it on similar authority that Vincent Brown will be joining Dex in Storrs.)

This is bad news for Virginia Football, but it makes perfect sense.

If it does work out, I'm really happy for Dex.  Dodging the mass firings that are coming in 11 months is cause enough, but to do it while also taking a step up in the coaching ranks? Pretty awesome.

Seeing Poindexter exit stage left via accepting a job at another school allows us to avoid the unseemly business of firing him (along with the rest of the staff) after the 2014 season, or from feeling the need to force him onto the staff of the new coach we hire a year from now.

Anthony Poindexter is a UVA legend.  He had some ups and downs as a coach at Virginia, but he showed promise and improvement.  I'm happy for him, and also sad to see him go.

Best of luck at UConn, Coach Dex!


  1. This is a sad day. In my opinion, he was the greatest football player in uva history. I hate to see him go, but I am happy for him and his family. He will always be a cavalier. best of luck Dex.

  2. Always a good idea to catch the life boat off the sinking ship.