January 31, 2014

Virginia Baseball: What's Not To Like?

Article from earlier in the week, but if you missed it, READ IT NOW.

We don't have a true, #1, ace-type lock-down Friday night starter.  We don't have any one player emerging from the cloud of smoke as our flame-throwing killer closer.  We have question marks at 1st and 2nd base.  But this team is loaded.  It is absolutely L-O-A-D-E-D.  (I spelled that out in caps to emphasize the fact that we're loaded.)  It's hard to say we'll be better than those Hultzen-led teams, but the talent is stacked up on the mound and in the lineup in a way I've never seen before at UVA.  Loaded.  Did I mention that we're loaded?

If you've held Virginia Baseball at arm's length to this point, I encourage you - nay, I implore you - pull it in tight, embrace it, love it, caress it.

Here's the reason:  Nobody in the outside world really gives a shit about national championships in Swimming, Cross Country, Twiddly Winks, Tennis, Midget-Tossing, or even Lacrosse or Soccer.  But people notice baseball.  It's the clear #3 collegiate sport behind Football and Men's Basketball.  And this season, more than any other in history*, your Cavaliers are poised for a legit run at a national championship in a sport that actually matters.

(Sorry to the Tennis, LAX, and Soccer teams -- we still love you guys.)


* Other than maybe the Ralph Sampson basketball teams.

PS -- I didn't mean to slam those other sports or any of our 22 national championships.  We're really proud of those!  Each and every one!  But look, a baseball national championship would mean... to me at least... about as much as those 22 championships combined.  (Minus maybe the 2011 Lacrosse championship, when we went undefeated.)


  1. Our question at first and second is "Which awesome player will we put there?" That's a pretty damn good problem to have.

    Good chance you could see Connor Jones storm onto the scene into that freshman phenom role. But don't forget about Artie Lewicki coming back from injury. Before his TJ surgery he had all the makings of a dominant ace. Also don't be surprised if Nate Kirby takes a step forward after adjusting to the Kuhn mechanics, which are based off of a different concept than most kids are taught. (Teaser for new, super nerdy post)

  2. Finaly!!! A UVa fan that doesnt try to say they adore every one of those 20 natl championships. Cmon be honest nobody care about rowing or ha ha lacross. Win something in a real sport, boohoos. Baseball doesnt matter either, btw. I'm talking about football or basktball. Don't hold your breath boohoos!!!

    1. Let me guess...

      A Virginia Tech fan?

      Nailed it, didn't I?

    2. Enjoy your empty case, assbag. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kSNjuFw8qFA/Tt4gch7K_MI/AAAAAAAAAQI/eIHu578_K18/s1600/trophy-case.jpg

    3. And c'mon, get it right. It's 22. Dizzying, I know, when all you have is ZERO.