August 19, 2013

Why I'm Excited About David Watford

I hit on some of this stuff in the Quarterbacks Preview.  But in defibrillating my Wahooze posting swagger, allow me to count the ways and reasons and tell you why - exactly - I'm excited about David Watford as our starting quarterback.

1) He's the best leader on the team.  That's important.  Obviously.

2) He can run.  He will run.  And that adds an x-factor to the offense that we haven't seen since Marques Hagans.  That x-factor is sometimes enough to win games.

3) Watford has a cannon.  His accuracy might be a concern, but nobody should doubt his arm strength or ability to fire the ball deep downfield.

4) He adds pages to the playbook.  Namely, pages titled "Read Option,"  "Bootleg,"  and "Rollout."
5) This sets up a situation where we have a three-year starter at QB.  Hopefully he'll be good in 2013... and GREAT as a senior in 2015.

6) Watford starting is the best "high floor" option for the team this season, in that he already has game experience, has earned this chance to start through hard work and leadership, and probably brings the most "want-to" to the table in terms of seeing Virginia Football succeed.

 7) I like how a mobile QB works with what could be a shaky offensive line.  A player who can scramble away from pass rush pressure is a good thing for an offensive line that might allow pressure to leak through.

8) From my lips to God's ears: Please oh please let this end the fucking disaster that has been our quarterback progression since Biscuit graduated.  Put on your masochist panties and ponder this shit show...  Christian Olsen to Kevin "Crazylegs" McCabe to Jameel Sewell to Peter "Boats and Hoes" Lalich to Marc "Meh" Verica back to Jameel "The Suck" Sewell back to Marc Verica to Mike Rocco to David Watford to Mike Rocco to Phillip Sims to Mike Rocco...  JESUS THE MOOSE!  That's an elephant train of suckitude.  Pink elephants on parade type shit.  Cheese and rice!  Seven years of unbearable assclowning.

When I was a kid, that scene scared the shit out of me.  So does looking back at the last seven years of UVA quarterbacking.  AND I WAS A MARC VERICA FAN!  Anyway, back to David Watford.

9) Let's talk a little bit more about the read option.  Specifically, it's the voguest of the vogue stuff offensive masterminds are cooking up right now.  Click here and get nerdy with me.  As far as I'm concerned, Watford has the best read option potential at QB we've had since Aaron Brooks, in that Watford is both tall and fast, with enough passing chops to keep defenses honest.  Anyway, believe me when you see it against BYU.  It'll be cool.  It'll move the chains.  It'll score points.  It'll put us in the 21st century for the first time since Bill Musgrave was calling plays for us.

10) I don't really have a 10th one, but didn't want to just stop at 9,so I'll say that Watford just feels right.  The right kid at the right time after overcoming the right obstacles and winning the right offseason battle.  I feel good about it.

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