August 26, 2013

Virginia Football Depth Chart - BYU Game

Guys, I'm working hard on the "Movies I Love" series, and my goal has always been to wrap 'em up before the season started.  But excellence can't be rushed, so I am allowing myself an extension through next week to get them done.  Sorry, but I'm doing my best.

Meanwhile, the depth chart for the BYU game was released this afternoon.

Clickslap HERE to take a look.

Some thoughts:
  • Jake McGee, 3rd string tight end.  Bullshit.  Bull.  Shit.  Bullshit.  He missed time in training camp because he got hurt trying to throw a block.  Jesus Priest, coaching staff.  This is not rocket science.  You don't drive your Maserati off-road.  YOU DON'T DRIVE YOUR MASERATI OFF-ROAD.  He's our best offensive weapon, and we fucked him up by trying to learn him to block.  I understand the appeal of having him be good in all phases, but gift-horsing this supreme weapon is idiotic.  "Oh, you're a fucking badass receiver?  NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  Gain a bunch of weight and become an in-line blocker, too.  Herp a derp."  That extra added weight better not slow McGee down or so help me God.
Why mess with perfection?
  • Connor Wingo-Reeves, 2nd team fullback.  Right on, man.  Right on.  Can't wait to see this kid on the field.  CWR + KP = power running game.
  • Kyle Dockins makes a nice late surge to 2nd team wideout.  I thought he flashed during the Spring Game, so it's good to know that I'm not always wrong.
  • Two true freshmen on the two-deep o-line.  Exciting, weird, and a little bit scary.  Where the fuck you at, Sean Karl and Ryan Doull?  Especially you, Doull.  Help these kids save their redshirts, and let's have a better line in 2017.
  • Damn, Canaan Severin.  You should probably just get a redshirt, my man.  4th string slot receiver, no beuno.
  • Looks like Donte Wilkins is gonna play.  Right on, baby huey.
  • Zack Bradshaw ahead of Mark Hall in the pecking order at Sam?  Not sure what it means, but I won't waste bandwidth trying to decipher it because our coaching staff does some weird shit sometimes.  Maybe Bradshaw's speed won him a role over Hall (who by all accounts had a great offseason)?  Who knows?
  • I like Tim Harris on the two-deep.  Put talent on the field, and let it bubble up.  I bet he's better than at least two of the three guys ahead of him on the depth chart.
  • Ian Frye won the kicking job, it appears.  Yippy skippy.  Brohammer is 6-foot-freaking-6.  Tallest kicker in the nation?
  • Dom Terrell returning punts?  Joy.  Whelp, count on at least one special teams turnover in the season opener... if we're lucky it'll only be one.

Gosh darn it, I'm excited for Saturday!


  1. man back up offa dom terrel

  2. McGee will be fine, London even said don't read too much into the TE pecking order, McGee is going to play a lot regardless. I feel like we are going to see a lot of 2 and even 3 TE sets, with McGee split out wide or in the slot more often than in-line. Swanson and Burns both have been promising, and are probably both better blockers than McGee, that coupled with him missing time in practice lead to the 3rd spot. Honestly though, if McGee wants to become an elite TE, he has to continue to put on weight and become at least a serviceable blocker. Last year he was completely one-dimensional and defenses WILL exploit the fact that he either can't or won't be asked to block...

  3. Concerning McGee - if what the coaches were saying in press conferences is true, there wasn't even an option to pretend like mcgee was out there to block. I mean you've got to at least have the ability to fake it.

    I wouldn't worry about the depth chart order for TE - they'll all play a lot.

    If anything, worry about the (hopefully not going to affect anything) injury that's bothering him.

  4. I'm not as worried about Terrell back there, and that is completely based on Lewis. Given the renewed focus on specials this year I find it hard to believe we will send someone back there that will turn the ball over. I think Dom is one of our better playmakers in space. If he can take care if the ball as I expect given Lewis's influence he will be fine. That being said I would not be surprised to see smoke get a few shots returning punts this season as well.

  5. Jake McGee "can't/won't" block is a vast overstatement. Was he a good blocker? Probably not. But c'mon.

    Having him in the game telegraphs a pass less than going three wide. That's my point.

    Why put him in the slot if you have put him in-line and still do the same shit? It's not like he's not a body out there, at least trying to throw a block in the running game.

    Two wide, McGee at TE, a fullback, and a RB. What are we going to run? Are you telling me that defenses just KNOW that's a pass play? I'm not buying it. And fuck, line up in that formation and then run away from McGee, or let him run a route and draw coverage out of the box.

    I just thinking making him add weight and learn to block is potentially going to mitigate what he does best, which is catch passes. And not being a good blocker doesn't hurt his NFL potential. Have you been watching pro football lately?

    McGee's a receiver. Let him catch passes.

    What's next, bulking up Smoke so he can run better between the tackles?

  6. Also: Kiss my ass, all of you.