January 8, 2013

Wahooze Pix - 2012 Results

Dudes and dudettes,

After weeks (months?) of waiting, we're finally done with the 2012 bowl season. Boy, wasn't that a great game last night? Brent Musburger's on-air bonerjam was disturbing, but not as much as the Irish's tackling (ACC! ACC!).

Finally, some B button action in real life

 A four-team playoff may not be enough, but at least we wont end up with a travesty like that again. Before I get to the final results/standings of our season-long pick'em, let me share some musings after the bowls:

  • Louisville is clearly the best team in the new ACC. 

  • How hilariously inept was Northern Illinois? Yeah I know they were without their head coach, but good lord, FSU isn't even really any good. Go back and check NIU's schedule, they had no business being in a BCS game - but at least the ACC got a W.

  • Speaking of which, big ups to the ACC's performance in the bowls. Yeah a few of the bigger ones were against uninspired (USC) or undertalented (NIU) teams, but overall a 6-3 performance speaks well for the health of the new ACC.
Dabo & Co. repped the ACC well.
  • Favorite game: Clemson beating LSU. Not because I ever root for Clemson, just a great game/comeback/ACC! ACC! (Close second was USC's shootout with Michigan).

Back up QB game-winning TD
  • I'll be honest, I barely watched any of Johnnie Football's games before the Cotton Bowl. Obviously I knew he was good, but holy banana pants what a performance. The guy is the special-est of the special. 


Pierce: 20
Kendall: 17
Mike: 16
Jamie: 14

Maybe we'll have to include the bigger UVa blogs/sites next year, as we at Wahooze clearly lorded our prognostication over Jamie Oakes. Also, I won. Everything is as it should be.


Pierce: 93
Mike: 88
Guests: 85
Kendall: 83

The foregone conclusions that was my victory is complete. Chest bumps all around.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now scientifically proven to be better at this than Mike and Kendall (last year's dreadful chokejob aside). Special shout out to Big K for losing to the Guests. Here's looking to my new retirement plan in 2013 - who's got the hookup with a good sports betting site?

Thanks for reading, Wahooze nation. Now back to your regularly scheduled basketball updates and football coaching staff changes.


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    1. Guests (especially Mikey P) FTW! Well, actually FTP (for third place) but still....