January 26, 2013

ACC / Big XII Alliance?

Sounds like an almost-too-good-to-be-true possibility.


Big 12 Exploring Alliance with ACC

Meanwhile, we're hearing that Penn State has backed out of their 2013 game against us, and that we're moving to fill that hole in the schedule with a "big-time" opponent.  Meanwhile, UVA is working on establishing a home-and-home series against Alabama, to possibly begin as early as 2014.

Yep, that's right.  I just said Alabama.


Last piece of scuttlebutt: UVA is working behind the scenes to position itself for an invitation to join the SEC, should the ACC crumble.  Word is, the SEC likes the idea.  A lot.

Stay tuned.




But for the record:

1) I absolutely LOVE the idea of an ACC/Big XII partnership.  That could really help both conferences stabilize themselves, and could set up some awesome matchups.

2) Screw you, Penn State.  Pansies.

3) Playing Alabama is a stupid, short-sighted money grab.  But maybe it'll force us to raise our level of play?  And maybe recruits will like seeing us strive for these insanely difficult out-of-conference schedules?

4) My preference is to stay put in a strong ACC.  If that's not viable, I'd love to see us move to the SEC.  The BigTen is a fine golden parachute, though I admit I'd have a hard time getting excited about it.  Worst case scenario is we end up stuck in a bombed-out ACC.