March 16, 2017

Survive and Advance


It wasn't pretty, but it was a win, and that's fucking awesome.  Any win in the Tournament is a fucking treat to be savored.

That's a really good team we just defeated.

Major kudos to Tony for going to the 5-guard look that sparked the big first half comeback.

Boulder-sized balls on London Perrantes and Marial Shayok.  Those two were fucking HUGE today (the two players, not their two testicles; fuck, this is getting weird).

Looks like Isaiah Wilkins is done for this Tournament.  I wonder what the hell this illness is.  Hope they get it figured out quickly and he's able to get healthy soon.

Better matchups for Salt and Diakite lie ahead.

New York Trash (my nickname for Ty Jerome -- it's a compliment)
was custom-built for March.  Foul trouble today, but he was
able to get his dick wet.  Florida ETSU beware.

Meanwhile, we need King Wavy to play a bit better than he did today. Gotta get some O from Guy in the second round.

I ain't skeert.

Just super excited for the win over a very good UNCW team, and grateful for the ability to enjoy the hoops tonight and tomorrow!


But most importantly:


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