March 23, 2017


By now, you've heard that Jarred Reuter and Marial Shayok are transferring.  It sounds like today we're going to hear that Darius Thompson will be joining the exodus.

Here's what I have to say about all of this...

The quick and obvious counter to any negative recruiting is *IMMEDIATE PLAYING TIME AVAILABLE!*

Not trying to be pollyanna or pie in the sky. I just don't think losing guys from the middle and back of the rotation is such a bad thing, especially when the playing time spread across 11 players was at times detrimental.

The things to be excited about with this roster for 2017-18 was:

  • Having two-to-three seniors in the starting lineup
  • The burgeoning Jerome/Guy futureball backcourt
  • Hunter and Huff coming off of the redshirt to provide better spacing and more offensive upside
  • Further development of the young bigs

 None of that has changed. Maybe we'll miss Shayok and Thompson's veteran presence, Shayok's scoring punch and Thompson's ballhandling (such as it is), but these are not damning losses.

Instead... the exciting possibility of open scholarships! It makes the offseason more fun to me. And isn't 'having fun' what it's all about for us fans?

That fucking loss to Florida was the polar opposite of fun, so I'm on board for a shakeup, a youth movement, or whatever the hell you want to call it.



  1. Why/how are you so sure about Darius?

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  3. Okay so that's 3...are we getting a statement from/on Tony's status any time soon? Full panic mode over here....

    1. Relax. Everything is going to be okay. I promise.

  4. Well, Well, Well. Wouldn't it be nice if Guy can persuade MPJ to come play at the JPJ? You know their talking!

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  6. FUCK FLORIDA and those refs. really tough sequence there for a Wahoo and Badger fan. time to shift our attention to baseball and maybe lax

  7. I really like how nearly all of the baseball games are televised on ESPN ACC Network Extra

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