September 2, 2016

Wahooze Pick: Virginia vs. Richmond

The Spiders are a very, very good FCS team.  A national title contender, no doubt.  Their passing game is explosive, and their defense is fast and experienced.  But I don't think they have the athletes to contend with our spread offense, and I think we'll wear them down physically as the game moves along.  Richmond keeps it close for a while, but the Hoos pull away in the second half.

Virginia 34, Richmond 21


  1. I feel like new regime or not, we need to start Louisvilling FCS teams (i.e. 70-14). Agreed UR is likely far better than Charlotte, but c'mon man, lets start crushing these teams. They are literally not in our League.

    Oh, and thanks for the flurry of posts man, you are gasoline to my already hot fire, Go Hoos and Bronco!!!

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    1. Thanks. You okay, dude? Do I need to try to send some help to your location?