September 15, 2016

Virginia @ UConn

In Vegas, we're 4-point underdogs, with an over/under of 48½ points scored in the game. Vegas is essentially saying: UConn 26, Virginia 22.

I'm here to say, if we hold them to less than 30, we need to win this game.  If we want this season to be considered a success by the casual onlooker, we need to win this game.  If we hope to generate some positive forward momentum, we need to win this game.

It's a big, big game, make no mistake.

ESPN3, here we come!

Wahooze pick: Virginia 30, UConn 20

They're coming off of a tough loss to Navy, and the cut blocks from a week ago will help us tremendously, as will continued improvement from our guys.  I think Benkert has a nice game, and the D actually produces some good moments... including the season's first takeaway!


Meanwhile, some light reading...


  1. Small correction: UConn's game against Navy ended in regulation.
    I do agree with your prediction, though

  2. I'm ashamed to call myself a Virginia fan. Good god, how sad.

  3. Off the Bandwagon huh?

    1. Not at all. Quite the contrary. Excited for a complete, top-to-bottom, strip it down to the struts sort of rebuild. I love savoring the nuts and bolts of this process.