September 2, 2016

Season Prediction

I'm waffling a lot on some of the specific games, but here's where I am right now:

Richmond - W 

I actually think we have a puncher's chance at Oregon, who'll be looking ahead to their game @ Nebraska.  Their D isn't good, and they're breaking in a new QB of their own.

Oregon - L 

The UConn game is probably the early key to the season -- a win, and we're looking good for bowl eligibility.  A loss, and, well...  Let's not worry about that right now, kay?

@UConn - W 

C Mich - W 

No Thomas Sirk, we have a golden opportunity to go to Duke and pop the Blue Devils.

@ Duke - W 

I personally guarantee that we will not go 0-3 during the three-game October homestand.  We're winning at least one of these next three games, dammit.

Pitt - W 

UNC - L 

Louisville - L 

The game @ Wake is a key one this season.  We have to go there and notch the dubya.

@Wake - W 

Miami - L 

Bronco's defense is a fantastic matchup against the triple option.

@GT - W 

@VT - L


Bowl game, baby.


  1. Why is everyone calling for a loss at Poly? We didn't lose by much last year, talent gap isn't big and they're breaking in a new system as well. This being the last game I think we're going took be hugely improved. Put me down for a win there.

  2. This is the worst team I've seen in 25 years. 0 12 at best. Wtf

  3. Well to be honest between you and the daily progress I had my hopes up. Yeah thanks alot. See you during basketball season it's the same thing every year. Got my hopes up last year playing notre shame year before that it was vt at the end of the year. I can't take this anymore, another wasted year on football.

  4. Looked all day like the defense had only about 8 players on the field. Tough to watch.