September 21, 2015

Virginia 35, William & Mary 29

When a win feels like a loss and a loss would have felt like more of a win.

Boise State on Friday night.


  1. I love being outcoached even though we clearly have superior personnel. And glad we pushed the "power running" thing on the one-yard line, look how well it worked.

  2. It would be nice if you could find something positive to say about any of the players instead of harping on the coach all the time. We know the coach will be gone soon, but the boys are going to be with us for several years.

    1. Anonymous did you go to the game? I said the same thing after going to the game. We were out coached and in the forth out played. Granted it could have been let down and w&m being more prepared. At some point you have to think does Alabama go thru this? Does FSU go thru this? Clemson? Oh did anyone see what Lambert did?

    2. I've never seen Kendall say anything bad about the players. They're clearly talented; look at the offense, for Christ's sake! Think about what we could do with the right coach! Shit, we could have a Big 12-style shoot-em-out offense with the right farking coach!