September 9, 2015

Those New Helmets

I loved them when I first saw them.

As the game dragged (and dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged) along, I kind of changed my mind and started to dislike them.

Now, seeing the pictures, I freaking hate them. Can't stand 'em.

Is this my bad, clearly a function of me projecting my frustration over the game and the sad state of the program onto the poor, defenseless helmets? Or are they actually hideously fucking ugly?

Please help.


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  2. The helmets were like a nice suit on a pig. They were nice but it was still a pig at the end of the day, no matter how you dress it up and tell me it's different.

  3. The helmets were/are awesome. The team was so frustrating it'll effect your perception of all of it.

  4. I liked the helmets. Too bad they didn't make the team faster. Our receivers and corners look like they are running on the beach with steel toe work boots.