September 8, 2015

An Analogy

Your family - for whatever reason - exclusively flies Oceanic Airlines.  You have extreme brand loyalty.  Maybe... I dunno... maybe you came up as a Oceanic baggage handler or something.  But anyway, you and your family are fiercely loyal to Oceanic.

Oceanic Airlines hires some dude off the street to become a pilot.  They didn't interview anyone else, they just hired this guy, because he was pretty good as an air traffic controller, working for a different airline.  Maybe he even successfully flew a few podunk puddle-jumpers.  But Oceanic hires him for their trans-Atlantic flights, in the big fucking 747s with the bubble on the top.

This incompetent pilot that Oceanic hired ends up being the pilot for the flight your wife - your lovely, wonderful wife, whom you love and adore - is taking for her trip to... let's just say... London.  The incompetent pilot flies the plane over the Atlantic, and then promptly slams the fucker into the ocean.  He parachutes down into a lifeboat, safely.  But your wife, she may be LOST at sea forever.