May 1, 2014

Baseball Bracketology

Hosting 2) Liberty, 3) Bryant, and 4) Delaware State. I like that draw. A lot.

I wish they had gone ahead and organized this into a proper bracket, but we can wean that we'd be advancing to a Super Regional in which we'd host one of the Regional winners from the Houston, Cal Poly, TCU, LSU, Washington, Alabama, or Rice Regionals.

ACC Teams in the field:
-- Virginia (1-seed, national #1)
-- Florida State (1-seed, national #7)
-- Miami (1-seed)
-- Georgia Tech (2-seed)
-- North Carolina (3-seed)
-- Clemson (3-seed)
-- Duke (3-seed)

I imagine a Regional host would be pretty sad to see a team like GT, UNC, or Clemson appear on their docket. I think our conference will prove itself to be fairly underrated this season, with at least one of these lower-seeded teams taking a Regional.

Also of note:
-- Louisville (2-seed)

I love that we're replacing Maryland's garbage program with Louisville's rock-solid program.

I don't really see another ACC team that might make it in off the bubble, as Wake is too far off the pace, NC State shot itself in the foot so severely that they blew their whole fucking leg off, and none of the other conference teams are north of .500 right now (other than the aforementioned garbage Maryland team). So I guess we just need to hope that the seven teams Perfect Game already included stay solid and don't collapse down the stretch.

I wouldn't be shocked to see three ACC teams - UVA, FSU, Miami - in Omaha. For the Hoos, I think anything less than a trip to the CWS would have to be considered a disappointment. Such is life under the burden of expectations.

Omaha or bust.

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  1. Whats goin on with us in these midweek games though? Here's to the bats wakin up post exam break.